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Sign Stages And Goals

Each sign can be correlated to a specific developmental stage.


Aries 0-18 months Autonomy

Taurus 2 – 4 yrs Object Constancy

Gemini 4 -7 yrs Learning

Cancer 8 – 12 yrs Emotional Security

Leo 13 – 18 yrs Identity/Self-Esteem

Virgo 19 – 26 yrs Competency

Libra 26 – 35 yrs Social Relatedness

Scorpio 35 – 45 yrs Transformation

Sagittarius 45 – 56 yrs Wisdom

Capricorn 56 – 68 yrs Authority

Aquarius 68 – 80 yrs Perspective

Pisces 80 – Death Transcendence

from book: Psychopathology of the Zodiac, by Glenn Perry (

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Signs as Basic Psychological Needs (Drives or Motives)

Aries – Survival, Being, Autonomy

Taurus – Stability, Security, Pleasure, Self & Object Constancy

Gemini – Knowledge, Learning, Stimulation

Cancer – Nurturance, Caring, Belonging

Leo – Validation, Approval, Self-Esteem

Virgo – Efficiency, Competence, Productive

Libra – Intimacy, Relatedness, Beauty

Scorpio – Transformation/Healing, Integration

Sagittarius – Meaning, Truth, Justice, Expansion

Capricorn – Structure, Order, Perfection

Aquarius – Perspective, Altruism, Change

Pisces – Transcendence, Unity, Wholeness

from book: Psychopathology of the Zodiac by Glenn Perry (

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Rebounding makes me feel energized for the whole rest of the day. It’s hugely detoxifying on a cellular level, amongst many other benefits. It’s flushing out toxins out of every cell in the body. Much like squeezing a dirty sponge… getting all that dirt out and bringing in fresh, clean water into the sponge.

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I like to be sneaky with myself when it comes to jumping on the mini-trampoline. I got this little timer that I’ll set for 5 minutes. I’ll tell myself I only have to jump for 5 minutes. I make it a doable goal I can easily accomplish. Yesterday, I ended up jumping 20 minutes total over the course of the day, in 5 minute increments.

I tricked myself into jumping 20 mins total, by telling myself I only had to jump 5 mins, hehe.  It was so easy, and fun. NASA says: “Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man”.

I love jumping on the mini-trampoline. It makes you feel so good. You kind of glow from the inside out the whole rest of the day.

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“Forgiveness moves the individual to a level of soul in which relationships are experienced on a transpersonal level. They are no longer personal in that one now feels, “We are all in this together”. This is why Neptune, an outer, transpersonal planet, symbolizes our capacity for compassion and forgiveness.”

- from book “Depth Analysis of the Natal Chart” by Glenn Perry (

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We store old emotions in our belly. I know I’m effectively releasing an old emotion, whether it be anger, fear, sadness etc… when my tummy will start to gurgle. This doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, I know I’m doing the emotional release work effectively.

I learned these emotional release techniques at:

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So tonight my dad is watching a movie about Simon Bolivar. He briefly explained to me that Simon Bolivar liberated South America from the Spanish. I immediately thought Simon could possibly have had these aspects in his chart:

“Saturn (structure and order) in hard aspect to (in a challenging communication with) Uranus (breakthrough, liberation, emancipation), and Mars (to fight, action, autonomy, freedom) in hard aspect (in a challenging communication with) Uranus (breakthrough, liberation, emancipation).

Well, I checked out his chart and Simon Bolivar had a cardinal T square with Saturn opposed Uranus, squaring Mars as the focal point. That means those three planets were all in a challenging communication with each other.

They were resisting each other, while mutually influencing each other. Cosmos mirrors Psyche, hence you see the tensions within Simon Bolivar’s psyche manifested in his outer world, and his passion and drive (Mars) for liberating and emancipating (Uranus) South America from the existing structures and orders of the time (Saturn).

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Blood Sugar and Pasta: How Eating Your Pasta Al Dente Makes It A Lower Glycemic Index Food

Foods we eat affect our blood sugar. Pasta is a high carbohydrate food (so diabetics need to watch portion sizes so their blood sugar doesn’t spike) but pasta in itself is a lower glycemic index food. Eating foods with a lower glycemic index can keep your blood sugars more stable than eating foods on the higher glycemic index scale. Eating foods lower on the Glycemic Index scale can be a strategy to keep blood sugars under control.

And here is the important part: pasta cooked al dente, or firm has a lower glycemic index (GI) than pasta that is cooked for a normal bite or overcooked (soft). That is the goal: eating foods lower on the glycemic index for better blood sugar control. Cooking al dente (5 to 6 minutes), for example, allows us to keep spaghettis GIs as low as possible while prolonged cooking (from 15 to 20 minutes) will raise GIs since it accelerates starch gelatinization. – Mary Brighton MS, RD

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“A clean colon is the key to good health


Colon Cancer is America’s #2 killer.


Colon is the bodies sewer system, and if not treated properly, can accumulate toxic poisons that are then absorbed into the bloodstream. This in turn can cause many diseases.


Toxemia is the cause of all disease.


If you deal with Toxemia now you won’t age nearly as quickly as you normally would, and you won’t go through all the aches, pains, and illnesses that your friends and parents have gone through”.


Your Immune System is directly related to the condition of your intestines as well as your bodies ability to absorb nutrients from food during digestion.


Over 90% of Americans are walking around with a clogged colon.”

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Sign – Target State – Negative

Aries: Aliveness, Joy – Deadness
Taurus: Safety, Pleaure – Insecurity
Gemini: Curiosity, Interest- Disinterest
Cancer: Belonging, Closeness- Rejection
Leo: Pride, Confidene- Shame
Virgo: Useful, Productive- Incompetent
Libra: Intimate, Cooperative- Disengaged
Scorpio: Powerful, Whole- Paranoid
Sagittarius: Hopeful, Expansive- Doubtful
Capricorn: Organized, Successful- Failure
Aquarius: Humane, Altruistic- Indifferent
Pisces: Inspired, Blissful- Confused

from book: “Essays on Psychological Astrology” by Glenn Perry