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“Etymologically, to heal is to make whole, to join what is outside the boundary with what is inside. This cannot happen, of course, without irrevocably changing the system that is to be healed. A certain amount of pain and suffering is unavoidable. To heal the system is simultaneously to destroy it and give it new life; it is to restore the system’s health and integrity.”

- Dr. Glenn Perry

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“What’s it like when we go in where angels fear to tread? When you face the dark? You feel scared. But maybe in facing your fear, you feel empowered, centered, deep, renewed.”

-Dr. Glenn Perry

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“The paradox of the human condition: we are creatures of fate, yet have the power to choose. There are indeed “givens” within the astrological chart that constitute a fate; yet, there is equally an opportunity for working within those parameters to create a higher, more integrated, and more self-actualized expression of what we inherently are. It seems to me that what is important about an event is not the event itself, but what it means; that is, the events purpose or significance with regard to our potential growth as spiritual beings.”

- Dr Glenn Perry

Charlotte Laws is an Agent of Change: An Astrological Perspective

 Charlotte Laws is an Agent of Change: An Astrological Perspective

Charlotte Laws ‘ birthday – May 11, 1960

The stars have spoken when it comes to TV star, Charlotte Laws, who was voted one of the 30 fiercest women in the world and has authored the memoir, Rebel in High Heels. In other words, Laws’ astrological chart explains why she was able to transform into a real life James Bond and obliterate Hunter Moore, the most hated man on the internet. Thanks to an investigation by Laws and the FBI, Moore was arrested for online crimes and will soon be headed to prison.

Rebel in High Heels tells an intriguing story about overcoming life’s obstacles (i.e. Laws’ mother’s suicide, her brother’s death, widespread racism within her community) and bringing down Moore. I found this book to be exciting, funny, edgy, suspenseful, romantic and entertaining. But this is not a book review so much as an analysis of Laws’ chart since I have been a professional astrologer for the past 15 years. 

Laws does more than fight to help victims of cyber harassment. She has assists various oppressed groups: African Americans, members of the LGBTQ community and animals. With her Mars square Jupiter, she has a natural propensity to fight (Mars) on behalf of justice (Jupiter), rooting for underdogs and those in less fortunate positions. She springs into action (Mars), especially when it comes to Jupiterian issues of ethics, morality and justice. She fights for the ethical treatment of animals, as well as for the justice of the people who have been victims of racism and revenge porn.

Laws is a natural agent of change due to her Sun square Uranus. Her vital self-expression and identity (Sun) hinges on creating change, breaking through, getting away from the old order, bringing in the new, being ahead of her time (Uranus). One of Laws’ main missions in life is to wake up humanity.

Laws is motivated to care for and protect women who have been traumatized or wounded in some way. This comes from her Moon (women, to care for, to protect) square to Pluto (violations, wounding, trauma). This speaks to assisting revenge porn victims. She has no qualms about going into the danger zone. Others might shrug their shoulders, be scared, and even walk away from that situation, but not Laws. She dives in with a vengeance to protect violated females.

Rebel in High Heels also details Laws’ amazing, three year relationship with singer and sex symbol, Tom Jones, whom she wanted to date for a full ten years before she made it happen. With her Venus (intimacy, social relatedness, companionship) in opposition to Neptune (fantasy, dreams, idealization) Laws literally manifested her ideal romantic situation.

Laws also has Uranus quincunx Saturn. This means she may be motivated to develop a skill set in rebelling (Uranus) against the existing order (Saturn). Conformity, status quo and existing structures point to a problem that she needs to solve (quincunx). She brings in her radical ideas and enlightened viewpoint. She wants to free people from outmoded ways, liberate, progress, shock, shatter, rebel and agitate. She worries extensively about these things. However, this worry leads to her develop skills in order to be a reformer in these areas. With Uranus on her mid-heaven, the public may see her as radical and eccentric. She is focused on Uranian ideals of altruism and humanitarianism.

Laws also has Mercury square Uranus, which means she likes to shock (Uranus) people with her words (Mercury). This is something a reader of Rebel in High Heels may experience. She can shock people into thinking in a new way. She can destabilize people’s mental processes and free them from outmoded beliefs. Her objectives and revolutionary insights help open minds, bring about a broader viewpoint. Laws imparts the idea that everyone is part of the same global family, and that it is important to work together for the good of whole, including animals.

Despite the Uranian shocks that come from Laws’ communication, she is also Sun, Venus and Mercury all conjunct in Taurus. This makes her memoir a sensual pleasure (Taurus) to read (Mercury). She writes in a delicious and luxurious manner. It is soothing and satisfying to devour her words. It is inviting, earthy and comforting. Reading her book is like eating a bowl of ice cream.

Laws has Moon in Sagittarius. The Moon is how we care for others. Laws cares (Moon) by sharing her truth and wisdom (Sagittarius). She nurtures others by teaching them and advising them. She also has Scorpio rising, which manifests in her “smart talent,” which is essentially defined in her book as “out-of-the-box thinking.” “Smart talent” allows Laws to see around restrictive rules and make strides that others can only dream about.

Laws also has Neptune on her ascendant, which explains why she is a shape-shifter and able to meld into a crowd unnoticed. She has been able to crash hundreds of VIP events to meet with Presidents, movie stars and business moguls (as discussed in her book). Plus, Laws is listed as one of the 15 most notorious party crashers in the world, a fitting title for her, astrologically speaking. The rising sign is a person’s survival mechanism. Laws likes to watch, observe, penetrate into, and delve into situations (Scorpio), and this is especially evident in her initial actions and the image she projects (ascendant).

As for the future, I predict Laws will continue to fight for justice and protect those who have been wounded, violated and victimized. She will demonstrate competence when it comes to helping others break free of existing structures and orders. She will introduce society to more enlightened ways of being and continue to be an agent of change.

Article by Sibylla Parselle 

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“With the advent of quantum physics, chaos theory, and recent developments in evolutionary biology, it has become increasingly apparent that throughout the hierarchies of existence- living systems are intrinsically dynamic. And the higher up the hierarchy one moves, the freer systems become.
I submit that this exactly applies to astrology. Every human being is intrinsically dynamic in the sense of being free to choose, to act, and to aspire to new heights of self-actualization.”

-from Ancient to Postmodern Astrology by Glenn Perry.

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“To the extent that the practitioner can clarify the inner, psychological dimension of the horoscope, the client is empowered to resolve conflicts and change beliefs that impede potential. That, in effect, is the purpose of the work. My guiding value is to assist the client’s growth toward an optimal state of personality integration, or wholeness. My focus is on the client’s ability to express their charts at higher levels of integration over time.”

- Dr. Glenn Perry (

Sign Stages and Goals

Sign Stages And Goals

Each sign can be correlated to a specific developmental stage.


Aries/1st house: 0-2 yrs:

Autonomy Survival, freedom/Capacity to move, do, assert

Taurus/2nd: 2 – 5 yrs:

Constancy, safety, stability/Capacity to have, pleasure

Gemini/3rd: 5 -9 yrs:

Information, knowledge/Capacity to learn, communicate

Cancer/4th: 9 – 14 yrs:

Nurturing, belonging, closeness/Capacity to feel, reflect, care

Leo/5th: 14 – 20 yrs:

Identity, self-esteem/Capacity to play, create, express

Virgo/6th: 20 – 27 yrs:

Efficiency, competence/Capacity to work, serve

Libra/7th: 27 – 35 yrs:

Partnership, harmony/Capacity to relate, cooperate, balance

Scorpio/8th: 35 – 44 yrs:

Transformation, renewal/Capacity to integrate, regenerate

Sagittarius/9th: 44 – 54 yrs:

Truth, meaning, justice/Capacity for faith, expansion

Capricorn/10th: 54 – 65 yrs:

Success, structure, mastery/Capacity for authority, expertise

Aquarius/11th: 65 – 77 yrs:

Perspective, awakening, liberation/Capacity for altruism, change, progress

Pisces/12th: 77 – 90 yrs:

Transcendence, unity/Capacity for compassion, surrender

-Glenn Perry (

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Signs as Basic Psychological Needs (Drives or Motives)

Aries – Survival, Being, Autonomy

Taurus – Stability, Security, Pleasure, Self & Object Constancy

Gemini – Knowledge, Learning, Stimulation

Cancer – Nurturance, Caring, Belonging

Leo – Validation, Approval, Self-Esteem

Virgo – Efficiency, Competence, Productive

Libra – Intimacy, Relatedness, Beauty

Scorpio – Transformation/Healing, Integration

Sagittarius – Meaning, Truth, Justice, Expansion

Capricorn – Structure, Order, Perfection

Aquarius – Perspective, Altruism, Change

Pisces – Transcendence, Unity, Wholeness

from book: Psychopathology of the Zodiac by Glenn Perry (

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“Forgiveness moves the individual to a level of soul in which relationships are experienced on a transpersonal level. They are no longer personal in that one now feels, “We are all in this together”. This is why Neptune, an outer, transpersonal planet, symbolizes our capacity for compassion and forgiveness.”

- from book “Depth Analysis of the Natal Chart” by Glenn Perry (

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So tonight my dad is watching a movie about Simon Bolivar. He briefly explained to me that Simon Bolivar liberated South America from the Spanish. I immediately thought Simon could possibly have had these aspects in his chart:

“Saturn (structure and order) in hard aspect to (in a challenging communication with) Uranus (breakthrough, liberation, emancipation), and Mars (to fight, action, autonomy, freedom) in hard aspect (in a challenging communication with) Uranus (breakthrough, liberation, emancipation).

Well, I checked out his chart and Simon Bolivar had a cardinal T square with Saturn opposed Uranus, squaring Mars as the focal point. That means those three planets were all in a challenging communication with each other.

They were resisting each other, while mutually influencing each other. Cosmos mirrors Psyche, hence you see the tensions within Simon Bolivar’s psyche manifested in his outer world, and his passion and drive (Mars) for liberating and emancipating (Uranus) South America from the existing structures and orders of the time (Saturn).