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Sign Stages and Goals

Sign Stages And Goals

Each sign can be correlated to a specific developmental stage.


Aries/1st house: 0-2 yrs:

Autonomy Survival, freedom/Capacity to move, do, assert

Taurus/2nd: 2 – 5 yrs:

Constancy, safety, stability/Capacity to have, pleasure

Gemini/3rd: 5 -9 yrs:

Information, knowledge/Capacity to learn, communicate

Cancer/4th: 9 – 14 yrs:

Nurturing, belonging, closeness/Capacity to feel, reflect, care

Leo/5th: 14 – 20 yrs:

Identity, self-esteem/Capacity to play, create, express

Virgo/6th: 20 – 27 yrs:

Efficiency, competence/Capacity to work, serve

Libra/7th: 27 – 35 yrs:

Partnership, harmony/Capacity to relate, cooperate, balance

Scorpio/8th: 35 – 44 yrs:

Transformation, renewal/Capacity to integrate, regenerate

Sagittarius/9th: 44 – 54 yrs:

Truth, meaning, justice/Capacity for faith, expansion

Capricorn/10th: 54 – 65 yrs:

Success, structure, mastery/Capacity for authority, expertise

Aquarius/11th: 65 – 77 yrs:

Perspective, awakening, liberation/Capacity for altruism, change, progress

Pisces/12th: 77 – 90 yrs:

Transcendence, unity/Capacity for compassion, surrender

-Glenn Perry (

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Signs as Basic Psychological Needs (Drives or Motives)

Aries – Survival, Being, Autonomy

Taurus – Stability, Security, Pleasure, Self & Object Constancy

Gemini – Knowledge, Learning, Stimulation

Cancer – Nurturance, Caring, Belonging

Leo – Validation, Approval, Self-Esteem

Virgo – Efficiency, Competence, Productive

Libra – Intimacy, Relatedness, Beauty

Scorpio – Transformation/Healing, Integration

Sagittarius – Meaning, Truth, Justice, Expansion

Capricorn – Structure, Order, Perfection

Aquarius – Perspective, Altruism, Change

Pisces – Transcendence, Unity, Wholeness

from book: Psychopathology of the Zodiac by Glenn Perry (

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“Forgiveness moves the individual to a level of soul in which relationships are experienced on a transpersonal level. They are no longer personal in that one now feels, “We are all in this together”. This is why Neptune, an outer, transpersonal planet, symbolizes our capacity for compassion and forgiveness.”

- from book “Depth Analysis of the Natal Chart” by Glenn Perry (

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So tonight my dad is watching a movie about Simon Bolivar. He briefly explained to me that Simon Bolivar liberated South America from the Spanish. I immediately thought Simon could possibly have had these aspects in his chart:

“Saturn (structure and order) in hard aspect to (in a challenging communication with) Uranus (breakthrough, liberation, emancipation), and Mars (to fight, action, autonomy, freedom) in hard aspect (in a challenging communication with) Uranus (breakthrough, liberation, emancipation).

Well, I checked out his chart and Simon Bolivar had a cardinal T square with Saturn opposed Uranus, squaring Mars as the focal point. That means those three planets were all in a challenging communication with each other.

They were resisting each other, while mutually influencing each other. Cosmos mirrors Psyche, hence you see the tensions within Simon Bolivar’s psyche manifested in his outer world, and his passion and drive (Mars) for liberating and emancipating (Uranus) South America from the existing structures and orders of the time (Saturn).

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Sign – Target State – Negative

Aries: Aliveness, Joy – Deadness
Taurus: Safety, Pleaure – Insecurity
Gemini: Curiosity, Interest- Disinterest
Cancer: Belonging, Closeness- Rejection
Leo: Pride, Confidene- Shame
Virgo: Useful, Productive- Incompetent
Libra: Intimate, Cooperative- Disengaged
Scorpio: Powerful, Whole- Paranoid
Sagittarius: Hopeful, Expansive- Doubtful
Capricorn: Organized, Successful- Failure
Aquarius: Humane, Altruistic- Indifferent
Pisces: Inspired, Blissful- Confused

from book: “Essays on Psychological Astrology” by Glenn Perry

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Sign Motivational Need

Aries: Survival, Being, Autonomy

Taurus: Stability, Security, Pleasure

Gemini: Knowledge, Communication

Cancer: Nurturance, Caring, Belonging

Leo: Validation, Approval, Self-Esteem

Virgo: Efficiency, Competence, Productivity

Libra: Intimacy, Relatedness, Beauty

Scorpio: Transformation, Integration, Power.

Sagittarius: Meaning, Truth, Expansion

Capricorn: Structure, Perfection, Order

Aquarius: Perspective, Insight, Change

Pisces: Transcendence, Unity, Bliss


from book: “Essays on Psychological Astrology” by Glenn Perry (

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Sign/Planet Mental Disorder

Aries/Mars- Antisocial Personality
Taurus//Venus- Borderline Personality
Gemini/Mercury- Learning Disorder (ADHD)
Cancer/Moon- Histrionic Disorder
Leo/sun- Narcissistic Personality
Virgo/Mercury-Obsessive Compulsive
Libra/Venus- Dependent Personality
Scorpio/Pluto- Paranoid Personality
Sagittarius/Jupiter- Manic Syndrome
Capricorn/Saturn- Dysthymia (Depression)
Aquarius/Uranus- Schizoid Disorder
Pisces/Neptune-Schizophrenia (Psychosis)

from book: “Depth Analysis of the Natal Chart” by Glenn Perry​ (

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“Repetition compulsion: A compulsion to repeat the old pattern in order to master it, integrate it at a higher level.”

-Glenn Perry.

Example: Person who experienced abandonment in childhood has a pattern of getting into relationships with emotionally unavailable partners (hence, repeating pattern of abandonment).

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“Projections occur when an individual attributes an aspect of his own nature to someone or something outside of himself.”

– from an Introduction to AstroPsychology by Glenn Perry.

Example: You have a fear of the government, but meanwhile you are having a hard time getting in touch with your own inner authority and ability to be structured, ordered, and disciplined.

You are fearing an: “authority out there” but really you are afraid of that part of your own psyche… your own inner authority, your own ability to be disciplined, structured, and organized.

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Pluto/Scorpio is the need for Transformation, healing, catharsis, release, purification, cleansing, integrity (integration), death and regeneration, purging, elimination, power, potency, sex, merger, fusion.

The target state of Pluto is one of power or wholeness, though it is a different kind of wholeness from that which Uranus or Neptune seeks. Pluto wants to feel whole inside rather than whole with humanity or nature. The internal wholeness is what we might call integrity- a state of concentrated force within the psyche that results from the psyche being unified.

Integrity occurs when there are no wounds too painful to heal, no repressed memories too frightening to recall, no traumas stuffed away in a state of suspended animation in some dark corner of the mind. If such divisions do exist, Pluto rules the processes of transformation and healing that result- these include the peak experience, catharsis, purging, and cleansing. Pluto also correlates to all the requisite fear and suffering that such painful experiences entail. For Pluto is both death and rebirth.

Although Pluto is not particularly interested in attaining transcendent states of oneness with all life and humanity, it does want to feel united with its immediate environment. This is because one’s local surroundings are the repository of one’s projections, and it is precisely what one projects, i.e., one’s shadow, that creates and uneasy division between self and other. Thus Pluto is associate with power struggles and control issues, for is the shadow contents of consciousness- one’s unhealed wounds- that usually come back to haunt us in the form of a relationship predicament.

If the individual is unwilling to suffer or to change through an encounter with the shadow, then Pluto may manifest in attempts to control or even destroy what has now become the enemy. The less virulent forms of such control are coercion and intimidation, such as extortion, blackmail, kidnapping, and mob rule. The more extreme forms degenerate into paranoia, violence and destruction. Rape, murder, terrorism, and tyranny are all Plutonic.

To the extent that the shadow is projected, one suffers fear and disempowerment. If the individual overidentifies with the Pluto component of consciousness, he or she will become possessed by the shadow and metamorphose into that which is feared. The good Dr. Jeckyl becomes the bad Mr. Hyde. It is the individual’s attempt to resolve his fear that actually causes him to fall into his shadow, for one can see in the phenomenon a belated attempt at integration. Shadow states usually involve some kind of criminal or evil act, underworld association, compulsion, perversion, or subversion.

Anyone who is engaged with the shadow or underworld elements of society is performing a Pluto function. This includes people working in the healing professions- doctors, therapists, social workers- as well as people who descend into the underworld to confront the shadow directly. Examples include police detectives, FBI agents, CIA operatives, vigilantes, spies, infiltrators, undercover agents, informers, investigators, and all other’s involved with fighting evil.

Other manifestations of Pluto involve sexuality, erotic encounters, and feelings of passionate intensity. Passion seems to be what humans feel when they are about to be transformed by an experience with the unknown. Sexual arousal and anxiety entail common physiological responses. “Do or die” extremism is also Plutonic, as occurs when individuals are willing to die for their convictions.”

- from Introduction to AstroPsychology by Glenn Perry.